Friday, April 30, 2010

Moments that matter

Thankful that:

I was able to have an hour-long nap at work after eating lunch

Precious are the moments that I get to spend with Jello and Justin, as it's not often that they come here. Oh, if only the airfare against Australia is not so expensive I'd go there in a jiffy.

The kit used for this layout is Tiger Lily's Digis by Lisa Jo's Countryside Dreams Scrap Kits. This countryside inspired kit contains 20 papers, 2 buttons, 2 beaded strings, 2 clips, 1 clipped flower, 1 clip on a string, 1 dragonfly, 7 flowers, 1 flower scatter, 1 flower shaped string, 4 frames, 1 clip on a ribbon, 1 paper heart, 2 mats, 5 ribbons, 2 sets of ribbon stitches, 1 scatters, 2 sets of stitches, 1 string frame, 1 swirl, and 3 tags.

Template by Anne of Alamo / Creative Victorian Designs
Word art by Elegant Word Art by Bethany

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chef Hansel

Thankful that:

I have been asked to be a Guest CT at Garden Girl Designs in August

DigiScrapStation is featuring two challenges:
1. Font Layout Challenge with photos
2. Word Art Challenge (all word art will be available as freebies in their gallery)
Both challenges are posted in their forum at:
and both feature some awesome software for first, second and third place winners. Come check it out!
Thank you goes to High-Logic for donating the wonderful font software packages for the challenges.
Both challenges are due by Saturday, May 22, 2010, 11:59 p.m., EST.
NO late entries will be accepted.
Voting is turned on in the Word Art Challenge Gallery, so get those word arts posted for early voters.

Have you ever wanted to make your handwriting into your very own font?
This online font generator allows you to create your own OpenType fonts, which can be used in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
At you can create your font for just $9.95...but WAIT...for "Keeping on Track" newsletter readers you can create your own font for 50% off through May 30, 2010. To get the coupon code read Keeping on Track here:

He's my very own personal chef. As he knows his way around the kitchen and because he's a far better cook than I am, he does the cooking. For Ann's birthday he prepared a radish salad which tasted absolutely divine.

The kit I used is by Keley Designs. It's called Perfect Kitchen and it has 9 papers and 69 individual elements.

Template by Janice
Word art by Ginger's House

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aquino dolls

Thankful that:

my (work) appointment papers for my new job are ready

Tomorrow is the big day! DigiScrapStation will be featuring two challenges with some great prizes! You won't want to miss this one! Check out DigiScrapStation's Keeping on Track Newsletter with all the specifics! And they will have a 50% off coupon for you too!

I got the Ninoy and Cory Aquino dolls from the Precious Moments store in SM Iloilo City. I thought it would make pretty good gifts for my mom and my siblings. However, Mommy didn't recognize who the dolls I gave her represented so she wasn't thrilled when she got them but when she did she was pleased with them (so I hope).

The kit I used is by Keley Designs. It's her part of the Collab April kit at Scrap-Team.

Template by B2N2 Scraps

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NAIA and Nipa hut

Thankful for:

having a wonderful boss such as Justice Jacinto

The first layout shows the last picture I took of me and Hansel together before he checked in at the NAIA. He's leaving for Doha, Qatar en route to Oran, Algeria.

Meanwhile the second layout shows me, Vi and Ajay's nieces, Charmaine and Summer at their nipa hut in Tarlac where we had lunch before proceeding to Baguio City.

The kit I used is From the Heart is Snowsmoon's Design's. It is a freebie kit available to the subscribers of DigiScrapStation's newsletter.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fire truck

Thankful that:

the person whom I asked to tell me if ever there was a job opening in his department remembered

The son of my friend Francoise is a fireman. So every time I see a fire truck I take pictures of it and I am reminded of her.

My layout shows a fire truck in New South Wales proudly displaying the Australian flag on Australia Day.

The kit I used, Firefighter Kit, is Keley Designs'. It includes 9 papers and 58 individual elements, to wit: 1 ax, 1 pair of boots, 3 bows, 4 firefighters, 2 bubbles, 4 buttons, 1 dog button, 1 firefighter button, 1 helmet button, 1 truck button, 1 cat, 1 dog, 4 frames, 2 ribbon frames, 1 helmet, 2 hydrants, 1 jacket, 1 ladder, 8 ribbons, 3 stitches, 8 strings, 2 swirls, 3 tags, 1 truck, 1 word art.

Template by Penny Springmann

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lion's head and All girl

Thankful for:

children's books which are on sale, as I now have Christmas presents for the kids I know

After so many years of going to Baguio City via Marcos Highway this time we went up via Kennon Road. I was so excited because I would see the Lion's Head again. It's a famous landmark and many get down here to have their pictures taken. This 40-foot head of a lion was carved from limestone by a local artist, Reynaldo Lopez Nanyac.

The second layout shows Shandy, one of Hansel's many nieces. She lives beside my in-laws and whenever I go to Mapatag I seek her out to give her little presents. She's a nice girl who made an effort to talk to me even though her dialect is not Tagalog but Kinaray-a. Once she even brought me food which her mother had cooked.

The kit I used is by HZ Designs. It's called Ancestor's Voice. This small kit contains 4 different papers, 1 butterfly, 1 journaling, 1 arrow, 1 brad, 1 button, 1 corner, 2 flowers, 1 heart, 1 hold, 1 frame, 1 ornament, 1 photocorner, 1 plate, 1 rickrack, 1 overlay, and 2 tags.

Templates by Heckenzwerge Designs

Word art by Word Art World

Saturday, April 24, 2010

100% adorable

Thankful for:

a friend like Jojo who listens to my gripes about this and that

In Sydney

The kit I used is Michelle Herron's and Lioness3 Legacies' Lexi Doodles Collab. This is a fun kit loaded with 94 elements and 28 papers (solid and patterned). Its bright colors are perfect for little girls.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Japanese gardens

Thankful for:

that empty seat on the light rail transit when i was on my way to work

Two Japanese gardens: one in my very own country (Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines) and the other one in a foreign land (Window of the World, Shenzhen, China).

The kit I used is Snips and Snails Designs' Japanese Cherry Blossom. This Asian kit is tranquil and beautiful: perfect for scrapping spring or summer layouts too. It includes 15 patterned and textured papers, 1 arch, 3 bamboo pieces, 1 basket, 2 beads, 1 bench, 1 bird, 1 bow, 3 branches with flowers, 1 bridge, 1 bridge and pond cluster, 2 buttons, 2 coins, 1 fan, 7 flowers, 5 frames, 1 gazebo, 1 glitter spill, 1 grass, 1 kanji, 1 kimono, 1 lantern, 1 leaf bunch, 1 metal piece, 1 pair of chopsticks, 1 pair of sandals, 1 paper flower on water, 1 pebble, 1 plant pod, 1 pond, 1 prayer wheel, 2 ribbons, 1 tree, 2 umbrellas, 1 vase with bamboo.

Template by Kate's Digital Designs

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raisin bread

Thankful for:

that man who told me where the raisin bread I wanted is now sold

Bakery products from the Baguio Country Club used to be sold at the convenience store at Caltex gasoline station near the Victory Liner bus depot. But because this store had become a 7-11 they don't carry the BCC stuff anymore. Thankfully, when I was asking the clerk about it a guy overheard my question and told me that I can find them at the Petron gasoline station near BGH (Baguio General Hospital). I wished I'd thanked the man more profusely but he was gone when I came out of the store. Anyway the raisin bread at Petron is a lot cheaper than what we paid at the Baguio Country Club. At Petron they only charged an additional P5. But at BCC we were charged an additional 18% since we were not staying there. No regrets however. Their Danish roll which is not sold at Petron is worth the price I paid for it. Tomorrow I'll try their cinnamon roll and see if it's also worth its price.

The layout below shows our Princess Mia. Ann gave Mia that name. Mia, however, doesn't live up to that name always. For it's only at times that Mia exhibits a princess attitude.

The kit I used, Cui Cui, is a collaboration between Vavie Design and Valkyrie Designs. I used the kit in response to a One Kit Call. The kit contains 16 papers, 40 elements and 5 word arts.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SDD CT contest

Thankful that:

I was taught how to link images in galleries

Yikes! I totally forgot that I had signed up for a CT contest at Scrappity-Doo-Dah and that the mini-kit is to be given today with two layouts due on Friday. And here I am still not packed for the Baguio Summer Session trip.

I had to finish the layouts in a jiffy and had already posted them. I didn't want to wait till I return from Baguio because I'm not sure when that would be. For if my layouts are not posted by Friday then I will be disqualified. I'd rather be eliminated because the designers at SDD didn't like my layouts than because I did not comply with the rules.

Here are my layouts wherein I used Lisete Scrap's Pasion kit.

My layouts were taken on the day when Hansel left for his overseas job.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The dare

Taylor Made is hosting a dare at The Digidares. As she says, the dare is all about creating a visual for ourselves -- something that can give us an *instant* view into our lives. Maybe a graph or a chart, maybe different segments of journaling or images… anything that shows the areas in our life that are most important to us.

This should make for a great layout.

My first layout shows Bambino when he was about 2 years smiling broadly for the camera while the second one shows me and Cats as we wait to board the bus bound for Ilocos.

I used NH Designz's Fresh Inspiration and Miracles. The kit has 24 elements and 6 papers all in 300 dpi.

Word art by Calligraphy by Carol

Template by Laurie’s Scraps

Friday, April 16, 2010

Together, a great place to be

Ali Sarah Designs' Sweet Love kit is just perfect for all those pictures of me and Hansel together -- pictures which have been sitting way too long on the computer.

The first layout shows us on a boat on the man-made lagoon in Burnham Park in Baguio City while the pictures on the second layout were taken while we were inside a store in Ayala Center, Makati City.

Sweet Love is an awesome kit that was designed to celebrate fun, fresh, and modern love! Included therein are 18 papers, created at 12x12 at 300 dpi. 6 of these papers are solids, and 12 are prints created with an awesome color palette! There are also 27 unique elements: You will receive 3 super cute bullnose clips, 2 burlap flowers, 6 buttons, 5 4x6 picture frames, 5 5x7 picture frames, 5 heart shaped frames, 5 round frames, 4 glittery hearts, 3 keys, 2 journaling hearts, 2 glitter edged journaling hearts, 2 sets of photo corners, 6 paper clips, tons of super cute ribbons and bows, and 1 stringy tag! Altogether there are 78 pieces. As the kit was designed to be a crop gift for a crop focusing on intertwining items, it is packed with different colored frames in all the same shapes and sizes! Plus there are 2 full matching alphabets and super cute heart stickers!!

Template by Tiger Lily's Digis
Word art by TlcCreations

Template by Ilona
Word art by Garden Girl Designs

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keley Designs

I am sad that Keley Domingues of Keley Designs will stop designing for the moment. But I understand that she has to pursue other things. I am grateful that she let me be a Guest CT even for two months -- March and April. Because if I had been chosen to be a Guest CT for the months of May and June then I wouldn't have been privy to her newly released kits. If I will go back to my first post it was her kit which I used to make my "Grandma loves you" layout which featured Mommy and Mia. It has only been a month but I've used 6 of her kits. Wow!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best of friends

Thankful for:

a friend like Jojo

My best friend is leaving today for a job across the sea. I've not known her long (less than two years) but I feel as if I've known her forever. I'm thankful and glad that she decided to work here in Manila but sad that she'll be moving back to Cebu. I will definitely miss her.

The kit I used is by Keley Designs. It's called In Black and White. The kit has 1 alpha, 10 papers and 50 individual elements.

Template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Word art from a designer whose initials are JKK from 1 hour scrap

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday and today I got wonderful birthday gifts. To start off, my new boss gave me a Girbaud bag with matching purse, from a new colleague a purse, from Nina a mug with a cover and a purse and from Jojo a bottle of perfume. Before yesterday I received a pair of shoes and a pen with different colors of ink from Ann. While text messages are not to be considered gifts, I consider them to be such because the people who sent them, I deem them to be gifts themselves.

Monday, April 12, 2010

HCMC Museum

The pictures were taken by Ajay from the window across the balcony.

This time I used Keley Designs' Easter Bunnies kit. The kit contains 9 papers in resolution 300 dpi and 51 individual elements in png format. It is a versatile kit because even though it is an Easter one I didn't use it in such a manner.

Template by Cocotounette

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holy Communion

Today as I stood before the lay minister to receive Holy Communion, he ran out of consecrated hosts. So the priest had to dip the host in wine and give it to us communicants. I haven't received Holy Communion in that manner for a long, long while. And I'm glad that I received communion when I did. Otherwise I'd have missed that.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Today we celebrate not only the Day of Valor but also my birthday.

Thank you, Mommy.

It's a good thing mobile phones have been invented for it allows Hansel and me to be in touch. He's not much for letter writing so he calls whenever he is in port or there is a signal at sea. And if he can't call, he sends me SMS. This is one of the things I love him: he's not stingy when it comes to keeping the lines of communication open.

The kit I used is Tiger Lily's Digis' I <3 U! ReFresh 2010. It is a funky romantic kit that is full of fun textured papers and eclectic elements to suit one's every need. The kit includes: 24 papers, 11 flowers, 1 binder clip, 8 blings, 1 bow wrap, 1 burnt mat, 3 buttons, 1 charm with chain, 1 double heart frame, 3 frames, 1 rickrack, 2 flower flourishes, 1 heart swirl, 2 wordart strings, 2 journal tags, 1 lace, 1 lace bow, 2 heart frames, 2 ribbon roses, 1 stapled ribbon, 1 ribbon, 7 sequins, 1 square charm frame, 1 heart flair, 1 glitter spill, 2 stiched frames, and 1 heart page border. The kit is available in her shop at Designs in Digital.

Template by Poogy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The cake

Every year the office for senior citizens here in Makati City gives birthday cakes to senior citizens. The cake was not for Hansel. It's for Mommmy. He was just having a piece of it.

The kit, Birthday Star by KatLen Kreations, is available at K-Joi Studios. The kit includes 18 papers (8 unique designs), 23 pieces of assorted bling including brads, buttons, charms, etc., 4 torn, wrinkled page edges, 2 film strip frames, 4 journaling papers, number candles 0-9), 4 piece date wheel (rotate each part).

Templates by Heckenzwerge Designs. These are available at her shop in K-Joi Studios.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Penny farthing bicycle

A while back I joined a template challenge at MC Designs. And wonder of wonders I won.

For my prize I got to pick not one but two kits. Isn't Annelies absolutely generous?

I used Cynthia Powell Designs' Vintage Follies-Full Size Kit for my layout. The kit has 12 amazing custom textured papers and 32 vintage to modern elements to scrap your Valentine layouts and is available at DigiScrapStation.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Bean

Bambino and Tito Manny were watching something on television. I would hazard a guess and say that it's Mr. Bean. After all, it's a wholesome cartoon show and one I did not hesitate to let Bambino watch. Some cartoons are violent and some even have gross images. Ugh...

The kit I used is by Snips and Snails Designs: Family Night. It's available in her store at Divine Digital. The kit includes 13 patterned and textured papers, 4 playing cards, 2 buttons, 1 hand of aces, 1 chair, 2 checkers, 1 checker board, 1 bottle of chocolate syrup, 1 cookie, 1 couch, 1 dice, 1 domino, 1 DVD/VCR player, 1 DVD case, 1 end table, 4 single picture frames, 4 multi-picture frames, 1 ice cream sundae, 1 journal matte, 1 lamp, 1 pizza, 1 pizza slice, 1 box of popcorn, 2 pop tab ribbons, 2 ribbons, 1 room interior, 1 rubber band, 1 glass of soda, 1 can of soda, 1 tag, 1 TV, 3 pop a word wordarts, 3 dice wordarts. It's a family inspired kit. As Stephanne says, a night spent with your family is a night worth remembering.

Template by ChrissyW

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sculpture and a Conical Hat

Some art forms I can grasp, others I cannot. The sculpture (shown in the layout below) which is obviously of a family definitely belongs to the former category.

I think it is just the touristy thing to do to try on something like a conical hat.

The kits I used for these two layouts are both by Scrap Acres: Here Comes the Sun… and Here Comes the Sun Mini Kit - Extra Value. The kits are full of sunlight. The full kit has 12 background pages, a dozen flowers, journal and photo cards and elements to decorate your pages. There is extra card stock in several color variations to create your own journal or photo cards. Included also is a photoshop style (3) for personal use. The mini kit includes 1 background paper, 1 edge paper - trimmed with glitter, 1 flower, 1 bow, 1 ribbon, 1 journal card, 1 photo card, 1 embellishment and 2 samples of other papers. They are both available at DigiScrapStation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Christ is risen, hallelujah!

The girl in the picture is the daughter of one of Hansel's second cousins, I think. I forgot her name so I will have to research on that. She is a cutie, however. And after much researching I found out that her name is Pink.

The kit used is by Ali Sarah Designs. It is a piece of a collaboration kit in honor of Layla Grace, a beautiful 2 year old who recently passed away from neuroblastoma. You can read her story at layla grace. Every single penny made from the sales of this kit will go to Layla's family to help pay her medical expenses that were accrued over the past year. The kit contains 52 papers, 116 elements, 1 template pack, CU/PU glitter pack, and an alpha and is available at Enchanted Studio Scraps.

The template used is by Jen Yurko.
Word art by WordArtWorld.