Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raisin bread

Thankful for:

that man who told me where the raisin bread I wanted is now sold

Bakery products from the Baguio Country Club used to be sold at the convenience store at Caltex gasoline station near the Victory Liner bus depot. But because this store had become a 7-11 they don't carry the BCC stuff anymore. Thankfully, when I was asking the clerk about it a guy overheard my question and told me that I can find them at the Petron gasoline station near BGH (Baguio General Hospital). I wished I'd thanked the man more profusely but he was gone when I came out of the store. Anyway the raisin bread at Petron is a lot cheaper than what we paid at the Baguio Country Club. At Petron they only charged an additional P5. But at BCC we were charged an additional 18% since we were not staying there. No regrets however. Their Danish roll which is not sold at Petron is worth the price I paid for it. Tomorrow I'll try their cinnamon roll and see if it's also worth its price.

The layout below shows our Princess Mia. Ann gave Mia that name. Mia, however, doesn't live up to that name always. For it's only at times that Mia exhibits a princess attitude.

The kit I used, Cui Cui, is a collaboration between Vavie Design and Valkyrie Designs. I used the kit in response to a One Kit Call. The kit contains 16 papers, 40 elements and 5 word arts.

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