Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thankful that:

I got the courage to talk with a particular head of an office

Though my position seems uncomfortable it is not (at least if you're napping only for some minutes).

Used in this layout is Aimee Designs' Hush Lil Baby Element Pack and Hush Lil Baby Paper Pack. These are available in her store at K-Joi Studios. The kit contains: 3 full glitter borders in 3 colors, 1 side glitter border, 1 side border (plain), 7 glittered wordart (cute, baby, hush lil baby), 3 round large buttons, 2 crescent buttons, 3 star buttons, 2 star and moon button clusters, 5 ruffled ribbons, 2 eyelets with string, 4 flowers (4 colors), 1 bow with ring, 2 large bows, 2 tied ribbon (large), 1 brad, 14 frames, 3 cardboard frames, 2 glittered frames, 1 metal frame, 6 round stitched ribbon frames, 2 round cardboard frames, 3 lying baby doodles, 2 baby face (doodle and glitter), 1 buckled string, 3 kinds of clouds (doodled,paper and cluster), 3 crescent moon (with face), 1 swirly, 2 stitches, 3 name tags, 3 notepapers. It has 29 papers, including three torn papers. Papers in this set are patterned,in big and small patterns: some with fading edges and heavy textures.

Template: Donna Duncombe
Word art: Tlc Creations

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