Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alfredo's Inn

Thankful that:

I got my dividend from SCSLA

Sagada coffee is world-class so I reckon that after our dinner at Alfredo's Inn I should have a taste of it.

Used for this layout is Manu Scraps' Cappuccino Kisses kit. It's available at Nuthouse Scraps. The designer who is admittedly a coffee addict has made this kit for all who are like her. The kit comes in delicious colors like mocha, cream, chocolate brown, butterscotch gold, caramel creme beige, off-white, green tea, sun-kissed, burnished orange, Tuscan red with metal accents in chrome, black, and copper and contains 12 papers and 48 elements: 1 decorated cupboard / shadowbox, empty cupboard / shadowbox, 1 blackboard, 1 coffee cup, 1 cappucino cup, 1 cafe au lait cup, 1 coffee mill, 1 espresso maker, 1 coffee pot, 1 sugar pot, 1 bistro chair, 1 bistro table, 1 window with cat, 1 clock, 1 glass with coffee powder (bird's eye perspective), 1 cookie with chocolate decoration, 1 paper case with butter cookies, 1 cluster of coffee beans, 1 swirl of coffee beans, 1 frame of coffee beans, 1 fancy frame, 1 round metal frame, 1 png coffee stains, 1 polaroid frame with coffee stains, 1 polaroid frame without, 1 cardboard tag with string and beads, 1 cardboard tag with satin bow, 1 cardboard tag with swirls, 1 satin ribbon frame, 1 curled sheer ribbon, 1 curled sheer bow, 1 straight grosgrain ribbon, 1 satin rope / string, 2 striped bows, 2 coffee word arts, 1 tiny flower with gem center, 1 red fabric flower, 1 white flower, 1 foliage with butterfly, 1 foliage, 1 red flower with leaves, 2 lip prints / kisses, 2 paper hearts, and 1 clay heart.

Template: Unknown
Word art: Manu Scraps, Cappuccino Kisses

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