Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleepy Britney

Thankful that:

I have a second follower -- Keley (Keley Designs)

Used to me taking pictures of her, Britney didn't mind that I was again taking pictures of her while she goes to sleep.

Used for this layout is Zesty Designs' Fur and Feathers kit which is available at Nuthouse Scraps. Aren't pets amazing? They give so much back to their owners -- companionship, love, amusement -- and strong bonds are formed. So often they become such a part of the family that losing them is totally heart wrenching. So here's to those wonderful creatures called pets. There are 10 12" x 12" papers in a choice of soft green, blue and yellow, deep red and some tan. The 22 embellishments include some adorable 'pets' - a kitten, puppy, turtle, mouse, bunny, fish, parrot and love bird. There are also frames, ribbons, tags, bows and a journal mat, plus a pet shop facade and grass verge with potted plant and flowers.

The template is part of Meagan’s Creations' Template Volume 2 which is available at Stuff to Scrap and Scrapable.

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