Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thankful that:

Wina Monceda gave me such cute souvenirs from her trip to Japan: a doll keychain, a pin showing Tokyo Tower, and Mickey Mouse stirrers

Jello at the Royal Children's Hospital where he was taken after he had an accident at Watson's Bay

Used for this layout is Prairie Woman Design's Make It Better kit which is available in her store at DigiScrapStation. Here's a kit to help out with those events when a skinned knee or a stitch needs to go into the scrapbook. when a skinned knee or a stitch will need to go into the scrapbook. The kit contains: 12 designer backgrounds, 5 frames: 3 embellished and 2 plain, 8 different flowers, 1 cuddly teddy bear, 3 bandaids--1 round, 1 plain and 1 patterned, 1 gauze pad, 1 capsule spill, 1 thermometer, 1 alcohol pad, 1 cotton swab, 4 assorted tags and separate string, 3 pieces cloth tape, 1 roll of tape, 5 themed word art, 2 themed stickers, 1 pair medical shears, 1 stethoscope, 1 latex glove, 2 shabby mattes, and 1 syringe.

Template: Canadian Mommy
Word art: Prairie Woman Design, Make It Better kit

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