Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirate ship

Thankful that:

I returned and borrowed books, including two books by Mary Higgins Clark, by myself at the library

Bambino, playing on the ship in St. Kilda Adventure Playground

Template: Amy Stoffel

Used in this layout is Steadfast and Immovable's Pirates Not Allowed kit. The kit comes with two upper case alphas with numbers, thirty-six papers, and thirty-three individual elements (eighty-one total) which include one anchor, barrel, bent nail, brad, six buttons, one canon, chest, six circles, six eyelets, one fish, flag, five unique flowers, seven folded ribbons, six double stamp frames, six individual stamp frames, one cluster double frame, one hinge, screw, pirate's hook, key, two leaves, one map, metal piece, parrots, pirate boy, pirate girl, two ribbons, six rickracks, one rubberband, scope, ship, cross-skull, two stamps, two types of stitches, one sword, waves and wire fence.

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