Monday, July 4, 2011


Thankful that:

Ann let me borrow her computer mouse

Mia threw sticks at this never-tiring dog to fetch. In the end, it was I who got tired watching this dog go.

Used for this layout is Gail Cook's Sweet As Sugar Scrapkit. This kit has 22 backgrounds which are flowered, solid and textured. The three Oh Sugar dolls make it perfect for all those little girls we love to scrap. The kit also includes: 3 different strings of beads, 1 cute birdie, 5 bow knots, 1 butterfly, 2 brightly colored circles or brads, 1 brown dog, 1 pink teddy bear, 1 package silly animals - rubber bands, 3 flower ornaments, 2 flowers with different swirly stems, 8 frames (4 circle and 4 rectangular), 2 pairs of sunglasses, headphones, mp3 player, 1 lollipop, 1 girlie TV, 4 wordart buttons, 5 ribbons, 2 journaling tags, 1 girlie purse, 4 small bows, and many more.

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