Monday, February 13, 2012


Thankful that:

the cake I brought from Sydney and brought to the office is delicious

This Brit whom we shared a boat with on the way back to Caticlan was naughty. He put a "V" sign behind Kereen Vasquez's head.

Template: Jen C Designs

Used for this layout is Panda Bear Designs' Painted Garden kit which includes 20 papers, 10 flowers, 3 organza flowers, 2 sets of leaves, gnome, 2 butterflies, clouds, sun, dragonfly, flower doodle swirl, picture frame, and water drop, tree, flower doodle, rain drop, garden fence and a garden bench, 1 corner swirl, 2 tags, 1 cluster ribbon, 4 brads, 4 scrunchie ribbons, 2 bows, 2 ribbon frames, 2 curly ribbons with stitching, bird sticker, frog sticker and butterfly sticker, 2 ladybugs, 5 transparent edge mattes, 2 transparent edge frames mattes, 3 matte frames, fairy sitting on a flower, 2 hand painted hummingbirds, mushroom with worm, mushroom house, 2 umbrellas, 1 garden pond, 1 swirly leave vine, and 1 yellow butterfly.

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