Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peace is seeing a sunset

Thankful that:

Hansel and I bought a new clock which complements the decor

The sunset in Boracay

Used for this layout is Angie Young's Tangerine Tango - Journey Of Life Bundle. Included are 10 papers, 24 artistic elements, 6 collaged borders, 5 artistic word art, and 5 artistic art mats.

Likewise used are elements from Aria's Tangerine Tango Grunge Elements 1 and Tangerine Tango Grunge Elements 2, the previews of which you'll find in the June 10, 2012 post.

Also used is a stitch from Cilenia Curtis' Stitches 11 - Tangerine Tango Color Theme.

Finally, I used a word art from Wordart World by Jennifer's Sunrise, Sunset word art pack which features a set of 10 digital and printable word art clusters.

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