Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crater lake

Thankful that:

Happy to Create was on sale so instead of only 1 item I was able to purchase 2 items with my $10 gift certificate

After being assured that it's safe to swim in the sulfuric lake, Hansel swam in it. Meanwhile Bambino and Mia dipped their toes in the water and Liza sat on a tree trunk.

Used for this layout is Beachcomber -- Page Kit by Booland and Manu Scraps, the preview and description of which can be found in the September 15, 2012 post.

Likewise used is a word art from Meagan’s Creations' Beach Baby Word Art Clusters, the preview of which is given in the post below.

Finally, I used a digital scrapbooking template from Kristin’s Scrap Design's Template Pack No33 12x12, the preview of which you'll find in the April 30, 2012 post.

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