Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boracay sojourn

Thankful that:

Nol Cera passed the Bar exams

In Boracay

Kit: Bee & Mlle Coco Designs / Maritime
Template: Heather Landry

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jello's birthday

Thankful that:

I have a LRT stored value card for I didn't have to line up and when I got through the turnstile there was still a coach at the station waiting for passengers to get on and a not too full one at that

Celebrating Jello's 15th birthday

Used for this layout is Wordart World by Jennifer's A Time to Celebrate which features 15 word art images, an alpha set with letters and numbers in three different colors, 20 papers and 29 coordinating elements.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Row, row, row your boat

Thankful that:

my layout, Imagination, was chosen GSO at Gotta Pixel

Hansel had this small boat made for us so that we can go out to sea

Kit: Unforgettable Moments, No Pirates Allowed
Alpha: Scrap Girls, Refresh

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Thankful that:

my Suki card points were enough to get a Mercury Drug journal

Trying on the hats which Ann and I hoped would go well with a 60s dress

Used for this layout is a collab kit between Meagan’s Creations and Scrappy Cocoa -- Clipped which includes 17 papers, 43 elements and 1 complete upper-case alpha with numbers and common symbols. reusuable bag, 2 barcodes, shopping cart, glittery cent sign, coin purse, 25 cents off coupon, credit card, coins: penny, dime, nickel, quarter, and two Canadian coins, 2 silk flowers and 3 rolled paper flowers, shopping list (journaling block), paper clip, piggy bank, price tag, purse, 3 flat ribbons, 1 stitched ribbon and 1 ribbon and paper border, 4 tabs, 2 frames, 3 buttons, 2 stamps, 1 journal tag, 1 newspaper, photo corner, scissors, 3 tags, and one thrifty mom.

Likewise used is a template from Meagan’s Creations' Layered Templates pack, the preview and description of which you'll find in the October 15, 2011 post.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crocodile Island

Thankful that:

Junifer Maliglig gave us two cans of Spanish style sardines and bangus from Bacolod

Viewing Crocodile Island from afar

Template: Scrapping with Liz

Used for this layout is Aria's Hibiscus kit which includes: 10 tropical and earthy papers, 1 hibiscus flower and a duplicate, 1 hibiscus word art, 1 light floral envelope and a duplicate, 1 textured and lightly patterned letter paper, and a duplicate, 3 flower stamps, 2 postcards, one floral, one plain, 1 sticks pin and a duplicate, 1 leaf frond, 1 hibiscus floral strip, 1 metal frame, 4 floral flairs, and 1 page overlay with writing.

Likewise used is an overlay from Cilenia Curtis' Overlay Frames Pu/Cu.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Boracay decor

Thankful that:

Ann gave me a ballpoint pen which is shaped like a pair of chopsticks with sushi on top

The Christmas decorations at Boracay

Used for this layout are the following products by Cilenia Curtis:

Days of December which includes 18 papers, 113 elements plus a bonus of wax seal alpha in red and in green and

Days of December Entire Album Of 25 Pages + Elements which includes twenty-five (25) layered template files, 55 elements and 31 dates tags.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

Thankful that:

Gemma Oquendo was able to join me and Beth Sorianosos for lunch

Mia at Watsons Bay

Used for this layout is the Ballerina kit by Keley Designs which has 10 papers and 26 elements.

Likewise used is a word art from Wordart World by Jennifer's Guys and Gals Word Art Pack featuring a set of 15 word art images.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tree climbers

Thankful that:

I was just in time for the imposition of ashes

At the Sydney Olympic Park

Used for this layout is Aria's Walk in the Woods kit which includes 16 artsy papers, 1 owl, 1 torn paper, 1 torn section, 1 dandelion, 9 changing leaves, 2 flower pods, 1 flower, 1 branch frame, 1 log, 2 branches, 1 bird, 1 staple set, 1 tag with string, and 1 collage heart.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chocolate valentine freebie quick page

Thankful that:

Eli Reyes and I had lunch today at Almon Marina

I made 2 quick pages -- one in a 12x12 format and the other in an 8x8 format -- with Panda Bear Designs' Chocolate Valentine kit, the description and preview of which you'll find two posts below.

Download the 12 x 12 format HERE

Download the 8 X 8 format HERE

If you want to get the kit for FREE all you have to do is join the QP Collection Game for February at DigiScrap Station.

Don't forget to check out the forum at DigiScrap Station to collect any other free quick pages that are available!

Note: The preview at 4shared shows some defects but when I downloaded the quick pages to see if there are any, the downloaded quick pages don't show any.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Thankful that:

I got a seat on the LRT going to and from work

Hansel and me at NAIA

For this layout I used Panda Bear Designs' Chocolate Valentine kit, the description and preview of which you'll find in the post below.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be my Valentine

Thankful that:

the meter of the taxi driver was not fast

Mar and Cha at Nan Tien

Used for this layout is Panda Bear Designs' Chocolate Valentine kit which contains 22 papers and 77 elements.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free spirit freebie frame cluster

Thankful that:

the sun was out and I was able to do the laundry

The Creative Team of Meagan's Creations made some gorgeous freebies for you using Free Spirit - full kit! Follow this train and have fun:

Meagan's Creations
Marlyn -- You're here

Here is a frame cluster I made for the Free Spirit Blog Train.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Thankful that:

I was already on the train when another train malfunctioned at Carriedo

The day before this picture was taken I was in Hongkong and now here I am in another airport, this time bound for Iloilo.

Used for this layout are the following products by Meagan’s Creations:

Free Spirit - full kit which includes a full alpha (upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and common symbols), 57 unique elements and 14 papers.

Free Spirit - the Add-On which contains some additional flowers, swirls, clouds, papers, and other bits and pieces, and

and a template from Free Spirit - the Templates pack.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Hills Wetland

Thankful that:

the creek did not overflow though the water level rose

At the Blue Hills Wetland

For this layout I used Snips and Snails Designs' Chance of Flurries and Chance of Flurries Cardstock, the descriptions and preview of which you'll find in the post below.

Likewise used is a word art from Wordart World by Jennifer's Take Time Word Art Pack, the preview of which can be found in the January 31, 2011 post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clock Tower

Thankful that:

the jeepney driver used a detour to get us out of traffic

The Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower in Hongkong

Template: Colie's Corner
Alpha: Mandy King, Rusty Fall Alpha

Used for this layout are the following products by Snips and Snails Designs:

Chance of Flurries kit which includes: 15 patterned papers, 1 banner, 4 bows, 3 branches, 3 buttons, 4 flowers, 3 single photo frames, 1 multi photo frame, 1 gem, 1 mat, 1 pouch, 2 ribbons, 2 snowflakes, 1 stitches, 2 strings, 1 tag, and 1 trim,

Chance of Flurries Cardstock which includes 6 solid colored cardstock papers, and

Chance of Flurries Worn Papers which includes 6 patterned worn papers.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crystal Cove Island

Thankful that:

the boss gave away Ferrero Rocher chocolates as Valentine gifts

I wish I'd gone inside when I first went to this island on my first visit to Boracay.

Template: Jenn CK Designs

For this layout I used Panda Bear Designs' Painted Garden kit, the description and preview of which you'll find in the post below.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Thankful that:

the cake I brought from Sydney and brought to the office is delicious

This Brit whom we shared a boat with on the way back to Caticlan was naughty. He put a "V" sign behind Kereen Vasquez's head.

Template: Jen C Designs

Used for this layout is Panda Bear Designs' Painted Garden kit which includes 20 papers, 10 flowers, 3 organza flowers, 2 sets of leaves, gnome, 2 butterflies, clouds, sun, dragonfly, flower doodle swirl, picture frame, and water drop, tree, flower doodle, rain drop, garden fence and a garden bench, 1 corner swirl, 2 tags, 1 cluster ribbon, 4 brads, 4 scrunchie ribbons, 2 bows, 2 ribbon frames, 2 curly ribbons with stitching, bird sticker, frog sticker and butterfly sticker, 2 ladybugs, 5 transparent edge mattes, 2 transparent edge frames mattes, 3 matte frames, fairy sitting on a flower, 2 hand painted hummingbirds, mushroom with worm, mushroom house, 2 umbrellas, 1 garden pond, 1 swirly leave vine, and 1 yellow butterfly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

King for a day

Thankful that:

my rosary has been found

Justin celebrates his 10th birthday

Template: Queen Wild Scraps

Used for this layout are the following products by Meagan's Creations:

It's my Party-Boys kit which has a full alpha, 18 papers, and 41 elements -- beads, birthday boy, cake, birthday button, 6 various flowers, stapled frame and elegant oval frame, metal frame hanger, party horn, pinwheel, 2 presents, 7 various ribbons, a ricrac, staple, circle of stars, swirl, clear tape, balloon, birthday banner, bow tie, 1 brad and 2 buttons, candle, cupcake, party hat, 2 tags, string, and a set of stitches and

a word art from It's my Party-Boys Word Art pack.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Queen for a day

Thankful that:

our seats were upgraded to business class

Mommy with the cake she got for her 77th birthday

Used for this layout are the following products by Meagan's Creations:

It's my Party- Girls, a fabulous girls' birthday kit which includes: - star balloon, birthday banner, bow, brad, 2 buttons, candle, chandelier, bullnose clip, cupcake, cake, 3 flairs, 5 various flowers, 3 frames, party hat, party horn, pinwheel, 2 presents, 1 leaf, 6 ribbons, lace and ricracs, 1 staple, 1 set of stitches, 1 swirl, 1 sequin spill, and 1 string and

a word art from the Birthday Diva Word Art pack, the preview of which you'll find in the December 13, 2011 post.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The snow queen quick pages

Thankful that:

we had a lovely dinner in Liverpool

Using Nuthouse Scraps Team's The Snow Queen Mega Collection I made the following quick pages for the Nuthouse Scraps' The Snow Queen Quick Page Album.